Health Wellness Center Patient Success Stories

“Dr. Yelin improved my quality of life. She is knowledgeable, listens and understands that it ISN’T just ‘in our mind’ or a ‘fact of getting older’. I highly recommend taking a bit of time to consult with her. You will be very pleased you did.”
– Susan W.

“Since seeing Dr. Yelin, my energy level is up, the brain fogginess is gone and I feel great. Dr. Yelin took her time to explain the effect of each hormone she prescribed and the benefits I could expect to receive. I recommend a visit to her office if feeling good is important to your life.”
– Ruth A.

“After I started the treatment suggested by Dr. Yelin my ability to focus at work improved, as did my mood. She is very committed to her patients and passionate about helping. I highly recommend her!”
– Donna S.

“I found Dr. Yelin through internet research back in 2013 when I was experiencing perimenopausal symptoms and feeling awful overall. I went from be very athletic and active to tired and lethargic with a loss of enthusiasm for things. My first meeting with Dr. Yelin was very informative and as she educated me on ALL the benefits and aspects of optimizing hormone levels in the body. It was very evident that she was brillaint and knew what she was talking about. After analyzing my labs she pinpointed immediately what was going on with my body and administered a protocol of bio identical hormones and vitamins to get my levels back to a as normal as possible. We started with small steps which I felt comfortable with and started feeling better within a week. I checked in with her eery three months and shed adjusted the bio identical hormones levels accordingly until my hormones “leveled off” in menopause. Now I check in with her every 6 months to see how levels are looking. Basically because I’m curious. She has indicated that once a year at this point is fine. All-in-all, I have felt FABULOUS for the last few years. I just hit 50 and feel and LOOK younger than I did in my 40s! I have loads of energy and am able to maintain and even increase muscle mass at the gym. I am SO thankful for Dr. Yelin and can’t imagine where I would be without her help!”
– Lauren Hancock

“Dr. Yelin is very professional and helpful. She puts in the time to understand your problems and design a solution.  I highly recommend Dr. Yelin.”
– Wim W.

“I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Yelin when I did. Hormonal issues started taking there toll, and conventional advice from my OB/GYN was not effective. I didn’t realize, until consulting with Dr. Yelin, that some other health issues could also stem from unbalanced hormones, and possible food sensitivities. Dr. Yelin listened intently to my health concerns and took the necessary time required for a through assessment and treatment plan. I now feel like a new woman, thanks to her guidance and expert care.”
– Cheryl W.

“Dr. Julie Beth Yelin of Choose Health Wellness Center is one of those rare physicians that truly takes an interest in her patients wellbeing. In the years that I have dealt with the medical professional I find Dr. Yelin’s approach refreshing. Without hesitation she provides her prognosis, solutions and the details that support her conclusion all in a manner clearly understood by the non-professional. I cannot recommend Dr. Yelin highly enough.”
– Frank G

” I feel ten years younger, maybe fifteen who counts those numbers anyway.  My arthritis is not a problem, easier to move, life is better.  I would recommend working with Dr. Yelin without reservation at any age.”
– Rosanne F.

“I choose health for myself and I was pleased to find Dr. Julie Beth Yelin, in The Woodlands. She spends time listening to her clients and getting to know them in order to guide them on their wellness journey. I have and will continue to refer my clients to her.”
– Vicki Simmons, LCSW

“What a game changer. If your looking to be healthier and feel better Dr. Yelin can help you accomplish that. Male or Female give Dr. Yelin a chance, and feel better!”
– Armand P.

“Dr. Yelin has given me great care! I have never felt better in my entire life. I will soon be 59 years old and I must admit feel and look better than my own kids. I did try other doctors before Dr. Yelin but never felt I was given the personal attention like she has provided me. Thank God she is there to help me and others!!!! Please give her a try! You won’t regret it!!!!”
– Phillip Jarrea

“Dr. Yelin has saved my life. I was so distressed when I first called her, I couldn’t even leave a message on her voice mail. Because of the type of person she is, she saw my missed call, and called me, not even knowing who I was. Thank goodness she did!! I have been seeing her for 1 1/2 years and wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else. She is very thorough, kind, caring and takes her time asking questions about all aspects of your life to know how best to treat your symptoms. It takes time to get your hormone levels just right and she will make sure you are at your optimum health! Dr. Yelin is not just my hormone therapist, she is also a medical doctor, so she knows both sides.”
– Susan Bilberry

“Dr. Yelin is extraordinary. I was new to the area and did not know where to turn for help with hormonal imbalances, hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, the list goes on & on. In short, I was a hot mess. I chose Dr. Yelin based on her exceptional reviews. She put together a winning protocol that exceeded my expectations. She even helped me resolve the nearly LIFE LONG sleep issue that had left other Specialists confounded. Dr. Yelin is like a health detective- she will get to the root cause of a condition. In addition, she is kind, compassionate, patient, present and takes exceptional time to listen to all of your concerns.”
– Sam M.

“I started seeing Dr. Yelin last year when my thyroid was a mess and I was loosing my hair and was really not well at all. After more than 9 months of carefully putting me on thyroid hormones and other hormones, slowly but surely my health has returned. I always think about what a detective she is as she studies and scans over my blood work before each appointment. I think Dr. Yelin is very smart and she listens to me along with looking at labs. The combination has helped me regain my health.Thank you Dr Yelin!”
– Tara Dorroh

“Dr. Yelin @ Choose Health Wellness Center is professional and compassionate. She has been very thorough in ordering lab work and explaining the results. She is working with me to balance my hormones and heal my leaky gut. The results have been amazing. I feel so much better. I will continue to see her and recommend her to anyone who wants to obtain optimum health.”
– Shanna M.